My First Ever Ice Cream Pan

It all started with the Ballater Floods, then came the idea!

I have travelled extensively and found that the most unique experiences have created the best memories.

Shorty's originated when I was 4 years old during a rather snowy December, where I was asked which treat I would like from the shop during a special day out. Of course, I asked for an ice-cream. As you can imagine, this was met with a ''s far too cold for ice cream!' to which I softly replied 'well, why do they sell it then?' My mother has retold this story on many occasions. The delight I feel from supplying ice cream to young members of my family during snowy wintery days always reminds me of the adventure I had. I would love to impart memories to others to create a story for another mum to tell.

The majority of aspects within Shorty's will be unique! From the ice cream flavours, other frozen products all the way to hot desserts and fresh juices. Not only offering tasty treats, also offering healthy options and gluten free products, with the foresight of Vegan friendly.

There will be something for everyone!

I am focused on supporting the local village in any way I can, especially through Shorty's. All items will be sourced from local suppliers, where able. I also wish to create a unique presence within the village to attract additional trade and not 'borrow' from my fellow businesses.

If you have a Facebook page or Instagram account find Shorty's @Shortys2017 and feel free to leave a wee comment or review.

I would like to say a special thanks to the local community, my amazing friends and Mamma & Pappa Shorty for all of their support.

Without them this would not have been possible.